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Caught In A Bad Romance...

Lady T's Journal <3

nerdy 90's kid. proud to be british born and bred but with a love for other cultures. being open minded, loving and loyal, i'll stick up for what i believe in. my friends and family are my world. music is my saviour and i'm one of the biggest theatre geeks you will meet. i'm totally in love with david tennant, bradley james and jensen ackles. ♪

i'm currently at portsmouth uni studying for an english and drama degree. i love dancing the night away with my friends to forget my troubles. chelsea fc supporter for life. i listen to lady gaga and/or adam lambert on repeat. typical cancerian. stonewall volunteer. pretty sure that either charlie mcdonnell or joey richter is my perfect man. i can't wait for the sunshine. :)

i own far too many pairs of shoes. audrey hepburn is my idol. laughter is definitely the best medicine. my new obsession is supernatural. one day i'll visit hawaii, surf on the waves and dance til my feet ache. jd from scrubs is my perfect guy. i'm definitely a hufflepuff- and proud. i aspire to be half as good a person as my mum is. ♥

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